I Came, I Saw, I Conquered… the DVF Sample Sale!

Yesterday I told you about my past woes and failures at the DVF sample sales.  But today that all changed, and I emerged victorious!  I went to the sale after work for the unofficial first day of the sample sale (today is the first official day).  I walked in without a problem (and thankfully no lines outside!).

There was actually a pretty large selection of wrap dresses in my size, though not as much of a selection for other items.  I did see a ton of cute dresses and tops on other girls, so the selection was definitely better for the bigger sizes.  The wrap dresses are actually still full price on the DVF website, as well as other stores, which I was pleasantly surprised to see.  While I didn’t love all the prints in my size, I did find one dress I liked in my size.  It, like all of the wraps were $150, and they did not charge tax.  On the DVF site, the dress is still $325, and after tax it would’ve come out to over $350.  For you non-math majors out there that’s about a 57% discount.  Not bad!

Sample prices were $50, but I wasn’t too impressed by the selection.  Non-wrap day dresses were $125, cocktail dresses and gowns were $275 (didn’t see many of those though).  Skirts, pants, blouses, and sweaters were $80.

So I did not let the DVF sale defeat me, and I am very proud of myself.  I would say this was a bit of a sample sale compulsion buy since it’s not my favorite print ever, but I still like it and know I will wear it quite often (though not to my boyfriend’s work holiday party as I had planned, since he is not a fan. . . can’t win them all!)

If you were debating whether or not to go to the sale this year, my vote is to go!  Go buy yourself some pretty clothes (just be prepared to battle the crowds!).  The sale runs until Friday, and I believe that they start lowering prices towards the last few days.

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