Better Deal: Destino

I think I’ve mentioned before that if you see a restaurant deal on one site, in all likelihood, you’ll probably see it again on another.  However, sometimes, you can find contemporaneous deals for the same restaurant.  So when that happens, the Better Deal will let you know about both deals, and you can decide which is better.  Sometimes it won’t be that obvious, but I think most of the time it will be.

Today’s Better Deal is for Destino.  I had previously written about this restaurant after using a Valpak coupon there.  The coupon was for 25% off, and is still available on  The other option is to buy a $60 voucher through DealOn, another group discount site, for $27.00, which amounts to a 55% discount.

Which is better?  It’s a toss-up.  If you definitely want to try Destino, and plan on going with just one other person, it probably  makes sense to buy the DealOn voucher.  However, if you’re not sure you’re going to want to go to Destino, or are planning on going with a larger party, I’d stick with Valpak and refrain from buying the DealOn voucher.

There you have it–my in-depth, very scientific analysis!  So stay tuned for the next Better Deal!

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